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© 2017 Rubens Oliveira Dança

Which is the movement that transforms?

My name is Rubens Oliveira, Ballet Dancer, Teacher and Choreographer, and I learned through practice that Dance is a powerful mean of transformation. The first transformation is the one of thyself, because is from the moving body that we can know and recognize ourselves, because when we move, we reconnect with our physique (muscles, bones, reaches and limitations), and our emotional aspects and subtle (reliefs and tensions).

I had my first professional contact with Dance at 17 years old. Before that, however, I would risk some intuitive movements for the joy of it, between football matches with my friends from the neighborhood where I grew up. Things really changed when I started to spend some of my school time with Dance Class of Arrastão Project, which gave me the opportunity to be a part of Dança Comunidade Project that involves teenagers from NGO´s from São Paulo on rich process of assembling a shoe with the Ballet Dancer Ivaldo Bertazzo.

Of all lessons that I had, the main one is the internal process that movement bring us.  With it, we have access to our own universe, connecting our physique to our emotions, even our own soul. With this individual conscious, we can build a conscious collective, made by people self-aware of their motivations and purposes.

After a decade of experience as a ballet dancer, choreographer and art-educator, I have as big motivation taking this wakeup call to others who, have been or not in the dance universe, are searching someway to reconnect with themselves through movement and the freedom that bodies give but we manage to forget during our ordinary lives. More than any other predefined feeling, this reencounter with the movement itself is an expression of a state of delight in being who we are, of being whole. Therefore, lightness and fun are principals of this process that, before any artistic disposition, is naturally humane.



Regular Classes


Just as if each music instrument vibrates its own way when it gets touched, the human body also reacts to internal and external stimuli. We recognize the world around us through our bodies; we vibrate and reverberate through our bodies.


Therefore, Thinking is also a movement!


The Movement Class come up with exercises where the student may cognize and recognize the way to relate to himself and the world through the practice of movement. Stretching, Strengthening, Balance, coordination, rhythm and dance are all essential tools for this work proposition.


The richness of languages in Indian Dances, The various rhythms and the groove of Brazilian Popular Dances, the viscerality and connection with earth of African Dances, and the relation of body and our days present in Contemporary Dancing, are all paths to our goal in our classes.

Recommended to any person who is interested in body conscious, movements and dance, with the purpose of finding expressivity, or just releasing the tension of ordinary life.


Dance and Education


A child or teenager who grows up understanding its own body functions may become a more sensitive adult regarding relations and actions established on its way in a more conscious manner.


Dance and Body Expression Classes in school´s regular curriculum, under the same systemic approach, shall promote education with sensibility with opening to self-expression, feelings and allows the unity of different languages and the experience of a collective body.



Corporate Projects


Everyone should and can have contact with your own body expressiveness, without the notion that this practice is exclusive to professional ballet dancers. We all can dance!

The Corporate Project are designed according to each specific client.

During the activity, we will work on Body conscious and the gesture as instrument connected to our emotions and our intellect.

The movements and the dance itself are tools to motivate and integrate, with the possibility of being presented on specific events  (conventions, meetings).


Pélagos Dance Core


From 2010 to 2015, the Pélagos Dance Core was a Project developed to teenagers living on the peripheral South District of São Paulo. In a partnership with Arrastão Project, we crated four shows, Volúpia ( Delight - 2010), Garimpo (Digging - 2012), Khyssa ( Khyssa - 2014 ). Results from a job of artistic and human education, including personal and professional contribution of the students, making it easier for them to find their own personal callings in different areas. The educational process also made the conscious of belonging to their environment even stronger, as a result of that many of the students became social multipliers in other projects.


Chega de saudade (Missing no More)


Through the partnership of the Ballet Dancer Rubens Oliveira and the Journalist Sérgio Ignácio, the idea behind this project is to promote verisimilitude between the audience and the citizen on stage. Different types of body and cultural views together, sharing the pleasure of dancing, having the opportunity of exchanging experiences, stories and sensations.

The Chega de Saudade(Missing no More) Project started in 2012, allowed the reunion on stage of old members of the Dancing Citizen Project of researcher and choreographer Ivaldo Bertazzo. The doors were also open to newcomers. The challenge was the creation of shows that would start from a rich individual process and arrive at a collective artistic result. Thereby, in 2012, Carretel(Reel), in 2013, Grão (Grain), in 2014, Correm as cidades pelos quatro cantos do mundo (Through the Four corners of the world, The cities run), and in 2015, Koan(Koan), were born taking place at the stages of  the Tuca,  the Tomie Otake theatre and the MASP Auditorium.



Gumboot Dance Brasil

The Gumboot Dance Brasil brings the Gumboot style, originated in the gold mines of South Africa of the end of 19th century. Under that context, the recruited workers from different places of the continent developed a sort of communication based on stomping the boots (work gear), chants and sounds, creating a unique dance.

From the longing of create of building a Dance company that would represent this Style, Gumboot Dance Brasil was conceived in 2009. Yebo was the first show of the Company, with its premiere in 2011 on Crisamtempo Room in São Paulo.

The Company researches Gesture and Musical Language of South African Culture and promotes workshops of this method.